Make your own baking essentials

MYO baking essentials

Growing up with my mum baking all sorts of delicious cakes and treats, it’s no surprise that I love to bake. Baking with my Thermomix is so much easier – especially the clean-up at the end!

 Another thing I love about baking with my Thermomix is the fact that I can make my own self-raising flour and icing sugar! This means I can make what I need when I need it with none of the preservatives from the store-bought stuff :)

But being able to mill my own almond meal (or any nuts) is definitely one of the things that impressed me about the Thermomix and the dollar savings doesn’t hurt either ;)

To make life easier I made this little quick reference guide for my most common MYO baking essentials. I hope it helps you too xx

Get the download here.

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