Total Cook Time

TMX TIPS_Total Cook Time

Have you ever started a recipe only to find the next step needs half an hour for the dough to prove or it needed to be done the night before?

To avoid the stress of this happening always check the total cook time of a Thermomix recipe.

The active cook time may be nice and short (and that’s what we love about using a Thermomix) but cooking can be a fine art and there are some steps that need more time before the master piece can be created. Continue reading

Cleaning your Thermomix Bowl, Blade and Lid

Cleaning BBL

The highly anticipated BBL host reward is currently on and one benefit of having a second BBL is switching bowls instead of washing your bowl mid-recipe.

As handy as that is you will still have to wash your bowl/s in the end. I know, no one likes washing up!

Now, if you’re finished creating meals then you can just pop your bowl/s in the dishwasher. Remember, all Thermomix accessories (except for the base unit and recipe chips of course) are dishwasher safe. Continue reading

Packing Varoma and ThermoServer into Thermomix carry bag


The black Thermomix carry bag is a great accessory for your Thermomix because it helps you take your Thermomix with you where ever you go!

The bag has a reinforced base for the Thermomix and compartments for the spatula, butterfly and Varoma.

What about your ThermoServer? Well if you follow this simple tip you can store it inside your Varoma. Continue reading

Pausing recipes


Did you know that you can save where you are up to when cooking a recipe from a recipe chip?

So, depending on what you are cooking, if you need to run an errand or get interrupted at any point you can save the step you are up to. Just press the home button and then press save when the option appears.

Then when you are ready to continue cooking you turn your Thermomix back on and you will have the option to resume the recipe.

And if you weren’t ready to continue cooking straight away you can always pick up where you left off by going into the recently cooked menu and you will find the recipe there with a pause icon next to it.

Cracking eggs


Crack eggs one by one into your MC while you are creating your dish.

Not only will this help you avoid a rotten egg ruining your dish but it also means you have one less bowl to wash!

You can use the MC to help separate eggs.

Crack an egg onto the lid and allow the egg white to drip in while the MC catches the egg yolk.

For precision baking like pavlova I would still separate my eggs the old fashioned way ;)

Kitchen toolkit care

TMX TIPS_Kitchen toolkit

Did you know that the steel parts of the kitchen toolkit are made from strengthened Solingen stainless steel?

Look after your knives by getting a professional to regularly sharpen them or use a knife sharpening appliance.

All utensils are dishwasher safe but it is preferable to hand wash all utensils. Long-term exposure in the dishwasher will cause the steel to corrode.

Add a drop of olive oil to the connective screw to loosen your scissors if they become difficult to open.

Hand wash the toolkit roll bag with warm water or machine wash with a cold wash on a delicate cycle. Do not use in a clothes dryer.

Don’t have the kitchen toolkit? It is still available as a host reward until 23 November 2015. Click here to read more about how you can get one for yourself :)

Removing dough


To remove dough from your Thermomix bowl turn it upside down onto your ThermoMat or floured surface.

If the dough doesn’t drop straight away just give it a little help by turning the bottom of the blade attachment (the black knob) and then the dough will be released from the blades and bottom of the bowl.

If you still have some dough left on the blades then return the bowl to the Thermomix base unit, put the lid back on and turbo pulse a couple of times. This will flick the dough off the blades to the sides of the bowl for you to easily remove with your spatula :)

Self clean

TMX TIPS_Self Clean

There are so many things to love about your Thermomix and the self clean function is definitely one of them!

The self clean function is perfect to use after you have made something sticky in your Thermomix like fresh dough.

All you need to do is pour enough water into the mixing bowl to cover the blades.

Add a tiny drop of detergent (a little goes a long way!)

Mix on speed 5 and press reverse on and off a few times.

If you need to clean under the lid then press turbo a couple of times.

Rinse under clean water and you’re done!