The Moussaka recipe in the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families TM5 cookbook had looked appealing to me but I kept putting off making it. The main reason being that I was put off eggplants after making an eggplant parmiagana stack years ago but not slicing the eggplant thick enough. Lesson learnt!

So when I finally created this recipe I made sure I sliced the eggplant nice and thin. Then when placing it in the Varoma I needed to make sure there was still room for the steam to move around. To do this I placed two chopsticks in the bottom of the Varoma dish before placing the eggplant slices in the dish and the tray.  Continue reading

Beef Stroganoff with cabbage noodles


The recipe for Beef Stroganoff with cabbage noodles in the Quirky Cooking cookbook is so easy to make and it’s dairy free, gluten free and egg free! With hubby being lactose intolerant it had been a long time since I had made beef stroganoff and this recipe made the wait definitely worth it :)

While the recipe is easy it does require some preparation. One of Jo Whitton’s tips she shared with us at her Quirky Cooking seminar was to meal plan and make the basics in advance. This is one of recipes where having the basics already on hand will make it a lot easier and quicker.


The dairy free sour cream needs to be made in advance and can even be made 3-4 days earlier and stored in the fridge or even frozen if you want to make it well in advance. To make the dairy free sour cream you need soaked nuts and seeds. And while you’re soaking them you can get started on the onion salt.

IMG_4908The onion salt has great flavour and can be added to all sorts of recipes (even as a substitute for savoury yeast flakes) so it is definitely worth making in advance to use when required. All ingredients (except the Himalayan salt and dulse flakes) need to be chopped and then dehydrated for 6 hours. Then the dehydrated ingredients are milled and the salt and dulse flakes are mixed in. This mix needs to be allowed to cool completely before using.

So now that the onion salt is made and the nuts and seeds have soaked you can finish making the dairy free sour cream which is done in minutes :)

And that’s the hard part done. If you had made these well in advance then you can just jump straight into making the recipe. If not, you just needed to plan and prepare the day before and then you can get started.

So don’t get put off when you first see this recipe. It is definitely worth it and if you are dairy free then you finally get to have beef stroganoff again. Serving the beef strog on thin strips of cabbage is great if you are grain free or just cutting down on your carbs. If not, then feel free to serve with potatoes or fettuccine.

Slow-cooked Mexican Beef

IMG_4919The Slow-Cooked Mexican Beef recipe from the Cooking for Me and You cookbook makes more than enough for a family dinner or to have plenty of leftovers for lunch.

The first step is making the Mexican spice mix and it makes a large quantity so you can use it in other meals or skip making the spice mix the next time you make this recipe again.

The slow-cooked beef is simple to throw together and then left to cook for 60 minutes. Peanut butter is added after this stage and really adds to the flavour.


The final step is making the green chilli salsa. The list of ingredients is long and there’s quite a few steps involved but it is so worth it! The green chilli salsa really completes this dish.

This meal is served with tortillas which you can make from scratch beforehand. Click the link here to search the tortilla recipes on the Recipe Community. You can also make guacamole from the Basic Cookbook to serve with this meal :)

Contact your consultant to purchase the Cooking for Me and You cookbook or buy online here.

Pulled pork sliders


After making Nico Moretti’s Bourbon Ribs I had leftover bourbon glaze to use. I came across this recipe on the Recipe Community for BBQ Pulled Pork which called for the leftover glaze. Perfect!

I had some buttermilk after making my own butter so I decided to make the soft butter rolls from the Basic Cookbook. Add the leftover coleslaw from ribs night last night and voilà yummy little pulled pork sliders and zero wastage ;)

Get the recipe for the BBQ Pulled Pork here.
Get Nico Moretti’s Bourbon Ribs recipe here.
And don’t forget to get your tickets to Nico’s cooking classes in August here.

Bourbon Ribs


Ribs are popular all over the world and in the US they’re traditional to the South, in particular Texas. So Nico Moretti’s Bourbon Ribs seemed like the perfect thing to make for the 4th of July.

The rub makes the tasty marinade but it is the  BBQ bourbon glaze that steals the show. I used American Honey for the bourbon and I think it added to the flavours :)

The coleslaw from the Basic Cookbook makes the perfect side dish to these delicious ribs.

Get the Bourbon Ribs recipe from the Recipe Community here. The Nico Moretti Delicious Journeys week of cooking classes in WA have just been announced. Click the link to book your spot before tickets sell out!