Super bowl

Over the years it has become a little tradition to have a Super Bowl party. Last year was my first year to use my Thermomix and I went all out.

We had zucchini fritters, football shaped pepperoni pizza, chilli con carne, guacamole and salsa. And for dessert I dipped strawberries in Quirky Cooking’s raw chocolate and made them into little footballs.

As delicious as it was it was too much foo and it was way too early to eat it all. The game aired around 6am (Perth time).

This year the game aired just before 8am and featured a more breakfast friendly feast.

Hash browns from the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families and artichoke dip and cheese and bacon cob loaf from the Festive Flavours cookbook (this cookbook is such a great entertaining cookbook!)

The pigs in a blankets were the only dish not made using the Thermomix and were courtesy of my brother.

Menu planning for the party was made even easier using the Thermomix recipe platform. I can’t wait until the final testing phase is completed and you all have access. It’s so great having all of your recipes (from your recipe chips and any purchased from the digital collections) at your fingertips. I dragged any recipes I was considered into the weekly planner and narrowed it down from there. Then I created my shopping list. It’s great that you can select the dates for your shopping list so you can either shop for the week or just shop for a party. Party planning just got a whole lot easier :)


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