Annual Ovarian Cancer Afternoon High Teal Fundraiser

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Annual Ovarian Cancer Afternoon High Teal Fundraiser. This was an event organised by a new recruit to our Thermomix team, Lynette Foote in honour of her friend Kelly Carlton. The annual fundraiser helps raise money to help combat and promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

It was great to see so many local companies donate their services and products for this meaningful cause. But being a high tea we were all there for the food so let’s get down to business lol :)


 The vintage inspired china was supplied by NovelTea Vintage and it was just beautiful! I absolutely adored the variety on display :)

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Super bowl

Over the years it has become a little tradition to have a Super Bowl party. Last year was my first year to use my Thermomix and I went all out.

We had zucchini fritters, football shaped pepperoni pizza, chilli con carne, guacamole and salsa. And for dessert I dipped strawberries in Quirky Cooking’s raw chocolate and made them into little footballs.

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ThermoCat loves the Thermomix Black Carry Bag


ThermoCat loves how comfy the Thermomix black carry bag is!

And not only is it a perfect fit for ThermoCat but it is also a perfectly made for your TM5 and features compartments for the spatula, butterfly and Varoma :)

All qualifying customer* Thermomix orders placed between 12 and 31 December 2015 will receive our purchase offer of a Black Thermomix Carry bag.

This purchase offer is just in time for school and Christmas holidays because the black carry bag makes travelling with your Thermomix easy.

For full details and to view the info flyer click here

Cracking eggs


Crack eggs one by one into your MC while you are creating your dish.

Not only will this help you avoid a rotten egg ruining your dish but it also means you have one less bowl to wash!

You can use the MC to help separate eggs.

Crack an egg onto the lid and allow the egg white to drip in while the MC catches the egg yolk.

For precision baking like pavlova I would still separate my eggs the old fashioned way ;)

Make your own baking essentials

MYO baking essentials

Growing up with my mum baking all sorts of delicious cakes and treats, it’s no surprise that I love to bake. Baking with my Thermomix is so much easier – especially the clean-up at the end!

 Another thing I love about baking with my Thermomix is the fact that I can make my own self-raising flour and icing sugar! This means I can make what I need when I need it with none of the preservatives from the store-bought stuff :)

But being able to mill my own almond meal (or any nuts) is definitely one of the things that impressed me about the Thermomix and the dollar savings doesn’t hurt either ;)

To make life easier I made this little quick reference guide for my most common MYO baking essentials. I hope it helps you too xx

Get the download here.

TMX Essentials

When I first got my Thermomix I made lots of lists of what I wanted to make, when I was going to make it and what I needed to make it.

I was house-sitting at the time so I found myself needing to buy a lot of essentials. At first it was just things like plain flour and arborio rice. Then I had to buy bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar to bake with. And white wine vinegar, sesame oil and fish sauce to cook with. The list just seemed to grow and grow.

Most of these item I had back at home but not in the cupboard where I was house-sitting. This got me thinking about new Thermomix owners who may have just moved into their new home or maybe just started their new journey as home cooks.

So I made this quick reference guide of essential items for your pantry.

Pantry list

I also made this guide for fresh herbs and essential spices. Of course there are plenty of other herbs and spices out there but I found these were the ones I needed the most often.

I’m still on hubby’s case asking him to make me a herb garden but he knows that with my black thumb it will be his responsibility so I guess that’s why he’s taking his time lol!

Herbs and spices

You can download the PDF versions of these essentials here. I hope they help with your Thermomix journey xx



It was my mum’s birthday yesterday so I decided to make her favourite dessert, Tiramisu.

I used the recipe in the Basic Cookbook and followed the variation to substitute 50g of the coffee with 50g liqueur or brandy. I used Sailor Jerry spiced rum which is a favourite in our household and I think it really added another level to this classic dessert :)

Next time I will plan ahead and make the mascarpone cheese following this recipe from the Recipe Community.

First Thermomix meal

I was that keen to get my Thermomix that when my consultant contacted me to let me know it had arrived I organised to get it that day. Dinner had already been organised for that night but the asparagus still needed steaming.

So the first thing I cooked in my Thermomix was asparagus!


Nothing glamorous and definately not the Nutella that I had said was going to be the first thing I made when asked at the demo.

What was the first thing you made when you got your Thermomix? What is the first thing you want to make when you get your Thermomix? Please comment below xx