Thermomix Demos

IMG_1691 The best way to see the Thermomix in action is in the comfort of your own home.
A Thermomix demonstration is easy to organise and allows you to experience the amazing benefits of owning a Thermomix which includes health benefits and saving time.

During a demo you and your guests will experience a menu designed by you from the following options:

  • Fresh fruit sorbet
  • Bread rolls or Pizza Bianca
  • Dip (herb and garlic or hummus) or Salad (coleslaw or beetroot salad)
  • Mushroom risotto or Veloute meal
  • Custard (vanilla or chocolate)

All of this tasty food is made from scratch at the demo and in the space of 2 hours you and your guests not only get to watch but also get involved and make some dishes. And of course everyone gets to taste these creations!

If you would like to book a demo visit Thermomix in Australia and fill out the form to be contacted by a consultant in your area. If you are in the Perth metro area and would like to book a demo with me please fill out this contact form.

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