ThermoTash is having a ThermoBaby


I have been quiet on the blog lately and I am excited to finally announce the reason for this is because I am pregnant!

The fatigue hit me hard during this first trimester, especially weeks 4 to 8 but I am happy to report that I never had any morning sickness.

I did have a lot of food aversions though! During the first 8 weeks I just couldn’t go anywhere near a salad or veggies, especially my greens. For a couple of weeks I did manage to get some greens into me by making yummy green smoothies. I even added broccoli which is something I never would have tried pre-Thermomix days! But unfortunately this green smoothie phase didn’t last long!

Instead, I pretty much lived off carbs. When I had my appetite, which was hardly ever in the mornings. During weeks 5 to 8 I ate the most bread and cheese I have eaten in years! I just had to listen to my body and eat what felt right at the time. So carbs it was!

From weeks 10-14 I caught a few bugs, thanks to my lowered immune system, and really struggled to eat. Thank god for my Thermomix, because even though the weather was still warm I made lots of soups, especially chicken soup and potato and leek. Yum!

I’m now enjoying the second trimester and especially happy to have my energy back!

As for being a pregnant Thermomix consultant. Well during my days of extreme fatigue it was tough! But it was also fun. I ended up telling more strangers I was pregnant than friends and family (sorry guys!).

I upgraded my consultant bags to the trolley bags to limit my heavy lifting. These trolley bags are only available to consultants and before I was pregnant I was fine with my black TM5 carry bag, business satchel (which came in my business kit) and cooler bag but now I know I will never go back lol!

If you have been thinking about becoming a Thermomix consultant there is still time to take advantage of the half price business offer which ends on 31 March 2016. Click here for more info about becoming a consultant.

And in case you were wondering. ThermoCat is very excited she’s going to be a big sister :)

And if you want to read more about my first trimester you can head over to my personal blog here.


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