ThermoCat loves 24 months interest free

 Thermomix have just announced that 24 months interest free is back and is available from Saturday 16 April to Monday 6 June 2016 (you can apply for pre-approval now).

zipMoney uses technology that delivers higher approval levels then credit card companies. With 3 simple steps to start the process and approval in minutes it is so easy to take advantage of the 24 months interest free offer.

To apply you need to be over 18, an Australian resident and earning more than $300 per week. To start your application for 24 months interest free you can either:

The first thing you will need to do is enter your consultant’s number. I have given this Zip 24 months interest free flyer to my customers with my consultant number on it for easy reference.

zip application screen shot

You can increase the order total amount if you are purchasing other Thermomix cookbooks or accessories or you can leave it at $2089 and click on proceed.

The next screen with confirm your consultant’s name so you can go back if it’s wrong or click to continue. 

Then you can go through the application process which is really easy. To confirm you earn more than $300 a week you can either do a one time connection to your bank or you can upload a recent bank statement. 

Once your application is complete you will receive instant notification of the outcome.

There is a one off establishment fee of $25 and a monthly account service fee of $4.95. To repay the cost of the Thermomix within 24 months, the weekly repayments are $21.50 and monthly repayments are $93.05 which includes the establishment fee and the monthly account service fees.
Any outstanding balance at the end of the interest free period will be charged interest at the standard annual percentage rate, currently 19.9%. If you pay off your Thermomix before the 24 months interest free period is over there are no early exit fees. How great is that?!

For more information about the 24 months interest free offer click here where you will also find a link to be contacted by a Thermomix consultant. If you are in the Perth metro area and would like to ask me any questions please comment below or contact me here. 

Ombré cake

img_1983I had a lot of fun coming up with creative ways to announce my pregnancy so I wanted to do the same to announce if I was having a boy or a girl.

After googling ideas I decided to make a ombré cake with different shades of blue or pink for the cake batter and vanilla frosting on the outside.

We invited our families over for dinner and waited until we cut the cake to let them if we were having a boy or girl.

Whilst the cake looks impressive it is actually really easy to make. For the batter I converted my trusty favourite basic butter cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cookbook. You can find my converted Thermomix recipe on the Recipe Community here.

I divided the batter into four equal parts and added different amounts of food colouring. I started off with the tiniest amount to make a very pale layer and carefully added more to each bowl to make deeper shades of pink or blue.

Once I was happy with the shades of each batter I poured the each batter into a  16″ cake tin (2 at a time as I only had 2 tins the same size) and baked them for 15 minutes.

I then baked the second batch of pink coloured batters and allowed each cake to cool completely.

Then I made the buttercream frosting from the Basic Cookbook and was ready to assemble my ombré cake. The hardest decision was choosing if I wanted the top layer to be the lightest or the darkest. In the end I decided to go from light to dark, top to bottom.

Once all the layers were assembled I iced the sides of the cake (it helps to use a lazy Suzy for this step) and then I iced the top of the cake. I could have tried all sorts of fancy piping to decorate the cake but the inside of the cake was what it was all about so I wanted to keep it simple.

Annual Ovarian Cancer Afternoon High Teal Fundraiser

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Annual Ovarian Cancer Afternoon High Teal Fundraiser. This was an event organised by a new recruit to our Thermomix team, Lynette Foote in honour of her friend Kelly Carlton. The annual fundraiser helps raise money to help combat and promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

It was great to see so many local companies donate their services and products for this meaningful cause. But being a high tea we were all there for the food so let’s get down to business lol :)


 The vintage inspired china was supplied by NovelTea Vintage and it was just beautiful! I absolutely adored the variety on display :)

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ThermoTash is having a ThermoBaby


I have been quiet on the blog lately and I am excited to finally announce the reason for this is because I am pregnant!

The fatigue hit me hard during this first trimester, especially weeks 4 to 8 but I am happy to report that I never had any morning sickness.

I did have a lot of food aversions though! During the first 8 weeks I just couldn’t go anywhere near a salad or veggies, especially my greens. For a couple of weeks I did manage to get some greens into me by making yummy green smoothies. I even added broccoli which is something I never would have tried pre-Thermomix days! But unfortunately this green smoothie phase didn’t last long!

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ThermoCat loves the ThermoServer and Everyday Cookbook


Thermo Cat is so excited about the new special customer purchase offer which can be used in conjunction with the current exclusive bonus host reward!

All qualifying customer Thermomix orders placed between 10 March and 3 April 2016 will receive our purchase offer of the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families cookbook and recipe chip. You can view the recipe index here.

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ThermoCat loves My-Thermomix Recipe Platform

ThermoCat loves the Thermomix Recipe PlatformThe new My-Thermomix Recipe Platform is now up and running! The Recipe Platform brings you digital recipes which you can access anywhere, anytime.

You can register for access by clicking on this link here and then follow the steps below to get set up.

1.Click register here and enter your email address and create a password
2. Click the link in the email you receive to activate your account
3. Sign in and enter your details

4. Select your Thermomix model and enter your serial number (if you haven’t received your machine yet you can click skip this for now)
Don’t know the serial number for your machine?
TM5 owners can find their serial number by going into Menu>Settings>About Thermomix
TM31 owners can find their serial number on the base of their machine.

5. You will receive a welcome gift. The Thermomix Favourites digital collection feature 10 popular Thermomix recipes.

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Easter Cooking Class 11 & 15 March 2016


The Cooking with Thermomix (Easter Edition) cooking class has been announced and will be held in Canning Vale Friday 11 March and in Atwell Tuesday 15 March.

The menu for this exciting new cooking class includes:

  • Ginger Beer
  • Fruit and nut muesli
  • Hot cross buns
  • Hazelnut chocolate spread
  • Beetroot, Parmesan and cashew dip
  • Spiced Moroccan lentil soup
  • Chocolate custard

Click this link for the Canning Vale cooking class flyer with full event details.
Click this link for the Atwell cooking class flyer with full event details.

This class is suitable for both Thermomix owners (TM31 and TM5) and non-owners.

Email me at to secure your place as these cooking classes are guaranteed to sell out!

Find the next cooking class in your area here.

The perks of being a Thermomix consultant

I recently wrote about how one of the perks of being a consultant is being part of the final testing phase of the new Thermomix Recipe Platform. This made me realize I haven’t shared with you the perks of being a Thermomix consultant.

When I share my story about becoming a Thermomix consultant I share how it helped balance out the negativity I experienced in my full-time job. For me this was the biggest perk – sharing my passion and bringing joy into people’s lives. Continue reading

Thermomix Recipe Platform


Thermomix in Australia recently announced the very exciting news that the Thermomix Recipe Platform is in the final testing phase.

There’s always perks about being a Thermomix consultant and right now the best perk is being a part of the testing phase.

I can’t wait until testing has finished and you all can have access to the platform. You will have access a wide range of Thermomix recipes from any device, wherever you are. Continue reading