It is so quick and easy to make your own butter and it’s cheaper as well! All you need is your Thermomix, pure cream and water ;)

A great tip I was given was to buy cream close to its use by date. Stock up and freeze it until you need it. So not only is it even cheaper but you will make better butter as it separates easier.


Another added benefit of making your own butter is that you also end up making buttermilk as a byproduct. The Basic Cookbook recipe makes approx 250g buttermilk. You can use this buttermilk for a number of recipes in the Basic Cookbook including the soft butter bread rolls I made for my Pulled Pork Sliders.


And then there’s all the variations you can do with your home-made butter.

You initially make unsalted butter.

You can add 1/2 tsp sea salt for salted butter which also extends the shelf life.

For spreadable butter add 50g oil and whip through at the end. Check out this link for Quirky Cooking’s spreadable butter

You can add any herbs that you like to make your own herb butter, or even make your own chilli butter. I used parsley and oregano for this herb butter which is delicious on top of fish :)


What are your butter tips?

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