Salmon Veloute


The Salmon Velouté meal is a variation of the Chicken Velouté meal in the Basic Cookbook.

The Velouté meal is an all in one meal made in your Thermomix using the Varoma. You make the soup in the bowl and steam the chicken or salmon in the Varoma with the veggies. 

The zucchini and carrots are peeled tagliatelle style with a vegetable peeler which helps them steam quickly and also adds to the look of the dish.

Then you save some of the soup to make the creamy sauce. The word velouté is French for velvet and perfect describes the sauce.

To make the salmon variation you replace the tarragon with dill and adjust the cooking time. You will find the variation under the tips in the cookbook and you can also access it on the recipe chip.

The velouté meal is a demo menu option and is a great way to really see the Thermomix in action. Contact your consultant to book a demo :)