ThermoCat loves the ThermoServer and Everyday Cookbook


Thermo Cat is so excited about the new special customer purchase offer which can be used in conjunction with the current exclusive bonus host reward!

All qualifying customer Thermomix orders placed between 10 March and 3 April 2016 will receive our purchase offer of the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families cookbook and recipe chip. You can view the recipe index here.

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ThermoCat loves My-Thermomix Recipe Platform

ThermoCat loves the Thermomix Recipe PlatformThe new My-Thermomix Recipe Platform is now up and running! The Recipe Platform brings you digital recipes which you can access anywhere, anytime.

You can register for access by clicking on this link here and then follow the steps below to get set up.

1.Click register here and enter your email address and create a password
2. Click the link in the email you receive to activate your account
3. Sign in and enter your details

4. Select your Thermomix model and enter your serial number (if you haven’t received your machine yet you can click skip this for now)
Don’t know the serial number for your machine?
TM5 owners can find their serial number by going into Menu>Settings>About Thermomix
TM31 owners can find their serial number on the base of their machine.

5. You will receive a welcome gift. The Thermomix Favourites digital collection feature 10 popular Thermomix recipes.

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ThermoCat says Happy Australia Day


 Happy Australia Day everyone!

ThermoCat hopes you all have a fun day celebrating today with lots of food, friends and festivities.

If you’re hosting an event and stuck for ideas don’t forget your Basic Cookbook has Aussie classics like meat pies and Lamingtons. Or why not celebrate how multi-cultural Australia is and try some different recipes from around the world?

And if you’re still stuck head to the Recipe Community. This Tim Tam cheesecake recipe looks amazing! 

ThermoCat loves the BBL set


ThermoCat is shouting with joy because she is so excited about the Bowl, Blade and Lid (BBL) set host reward!

Imagine having a second BBL set to keep cooking while you have yoghurt cooling or dough proving in your other bowl. Or doing a big cook up and not being slowed down by washing up. Or using one bowl just for savoury dishes (like curry) and one for all of your sweet creations.

You will be able do whatever you want with your second BBL set thanks to the highly anticipated BBL set host reward. This exclusive host reward is available to TM5 and TM31 owners from 12 January to 15 February 2016. Continue reading

Thermocat Loves Halloween

As I mentioned in my previous post I love Halloween and have been busy whipping up Halloween treats but that doesn’t mean ThermoCat missed out on any of the fun.

If you have been following her on social media you would have seen the fun we had but if not here’s what ThermoCat got up in the lead up to Halloween!

You can follow ThermoCat on social media. Just click on the following links:

Instagram – @kimba_thermocat
Facebook – Kimba aka ThermoCat
Twitter – @kimba_thermocat

Happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday ThermoCat

It was ThermoCat’s birthday last week and I forgot to share this you.

Kimba was bought from a local vet for $5 many years ago but we lost her paperwork and now we don’t know when her birthday is so we decided 1 October would be an easy date to remember.

It isn’t! And last week it wasn’t until after posting on her twitter account that I saw her profile with the little blurb saying every 1 October she turns 6. It was 1 October! We had almost forgotten her birthday yet again!

So I quickly opened her favourite box of Whiskas Oh So Fishy and put on her party hat to celebrate :)

You can follow ThermoCat on social media. Just click on the following links:

Instagram – @kimba_thermocat

Facebook – Kimba aka ThermoCat

Twitter – @kimba_thermocat

ThermoCat loves the Kitchen Toolkit

ThermoCat loves the Kitchen Toolkit because it has everything you need to help you create everyday surprises in your kitchen, or when travelling.

The Kitchen Toolkit includes:
kitchen scissors
brunch knife
fruit scoop
paring knives (pointed and classic)

 Customers who host a qualifying demo between 1 October and 23 November 2015 can purchase a kitchen toolkit for $50. If there is a Thermomix purchased at the demo the kitchen toolkit will be received at no cost. View the promo flyer here.

Standard host rewards still apply which means if you host a qualifying demo and purchase a Thermomix you will receive the kitchen toolkit and a 2.6L ThermoServer at no cost!

ThermoCat loves the 2.6L ThermoServer


All qualifying customer* Thermomix orders placed between 8 and 30 September 2015 will receive our purchase offer of a 2.6L ThermoServer.

ThermoCat loves the current purchase offer because standard host rewards apply so you could get two ThermoServers! I had my oats soaking in one while my Greek yoghurt was setting in the other. Imagine what you could do with two ThermoServers :)

How does the current purchase offer work? Purchase your Thermomix before 30 September and receive a 2.6L ThermoServer. View the promo flyer here.

Standard host rewards still apply which means you could have two round 2.6L ThermoServers! Contact your consultant for more info xx

ThermoCat loves the Oval ThermoServer


ThermoCat loves the 2.5L Oval ThermoServer because it keeps food hot or cold for 2 hours and it looks great!

Customers who purchase a Thermomix before 7 September 2015 will receive a free Oval ThermoServer.

This offer is only on for a very limited time and won’t be repeated again in 2015.

For full details of this special customer purchase offer contact your consultant. To view the info flyer please click here: Promotion Flyer

ThermoCat loves the Oven ThermoMat

ThermoCatThermoMatThermoCat loves the new smaller Oven ThermoMat because it is cute and small just like her!

The Oven ThermoMat turns any pan or tray into a non-stick surface eliminating the need for baking paper. It contains specifically designed mesh inside the silicone which helps baked foods to brown more evenly.

Customers who purchase a Thermomix between 21 July and 24 August 2015 will receive a bonus Oven ThermoMat!

For full details of this special customer purchase offer contact your consultant. To view the info flyer please click here: Promotion flyer

 Check out the current exclusive host offer here and standard host rewards still apply :)