The Aussie classic. Rectangle pieces of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and then coated in desiccated coconut. These little morsels of delicious-ness are perfect for Australia Day celebrations, or any celebration for that matter.

You will find the traditional recipe (pictured above) in your Basic Cookbook but there are so many other variations you can make. If you’re stuck for ideas you only need to hop onto the Recipe Community and type ‘lamington’ in the search field like I did here.


Lamington variations can include slices, bliss balls, cupcakes and trifle. This year I made Skinnymixer’s Raw Lamington Truffles which went viral last Australia Day. These Lamington truffles are easy to throw together and just need some time in the fridge/freezer in between steps before they are ready :) Which is why it is always good to read the recipe before you start if you are in a hurry or check the total cook time if it a Thermomix recipe.

So depending on how you are celebrating Australia it most likely isn’t too late to make some Lamingtons ;)

Happy Australia Day!

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