Cleaning your Thermomix Bowl, Blade and Lid

Cleaning BBL

The highly anticipated BBL host reward is currently on and one benefit of having a second BBL is switching bowls instead of washing your bowl mid-recipe.

As handy as that is you will still have to wash your bowl/s in the end. I know, no one likes washing up!

Now, if you’re finished creating meals then you can just pop your bowl/s in the dishwasher. Remember, all Thermomix accessories (except for the base unit and recipe chips of course) are dishwasher safe.

But you can also just do the self clean and then give it a rinse.

TMX TIPS_Self Clean

And if you want to give the blades a good clean then you can do the egg shell clean:

TMX TIPS_Egg shell

And if your lid is stained after making a yummy curry you can easily reduce the staining:

TMX TIPS_Stained lid

So if you have one bowl or two, these are a few ways you can keep your Thermomix Bowl, Blade and Lid nice and clean.

Happy cooking!

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