ThermoCat loves the BBL set


ThermoCat is shouting with joy because she is so excited about the Bowl, Blade and Lid (BBL) set host reward!

Imagine having a second BBL set to keep cooking while you have yoghurt cooling or dough proving in your other bowl. Or doing a big cook up and not being slowed down by washing up. Or using one bowl just for savoury dishes (like curry) and one for all of your sweet creations.

You will be able do whatever you want with your second BBL set thanks to the highly anticipated BBL set host reward. This exclusive host reward is available to TM5 and TM31 owners from 12 January to 15 February 2016.


Owners who host a demo during this period will have the opportunity to receive a special priced Bowl, Blade and Lid set, including measuring cup, butterfly whisk and simmering basket. If there is a Thermomix purchased at the qualifying demo then the BBL set can be purchased at an extra special price. Click below to read the full info flyer for your machine:

TM5 BBL host reward
TM31 BBL host reward

And to make this offer even more exciting it isn’t only available to current Thermomix owners.

If you host a qualifying demo during this period and purchase your Thermomix you can purchase your second BBL set for just $205.

And to help you purchase your Thermomix and second BBL at your qualifying demo Thermomix in Australia have extended the 24 months interest free finance offer  until Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January.

There has never been a better time to purchase your Thermomix!

Contact your consultant for more info. For more information about hosting a demo click here.


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