Olive and fennel grissini


I couldn’t wait to make this recipe for Olive and Fennel Grissini from the new Festive Flavours cookbook because my hubby loves anything with olives in it.

I was flipping through magazines for Halloween treat ideas and came across witches broomsticks made with breadsticks. The grissini would be perfect for this! You will need a packet of mozzarella cheese slices and cooking string or a bunch of chives.

So I followed the recipe using the recipe chip and made the dough. When it came to actually making the grissini I used the cookbook because it had some easy to follow pictures for these steps.


Because I had rolled out my dough onto my ThermoMat I used my spatula to cut the folded dough into strips. Never use a knife on your ThermoMat because any cuts will release the micro fibre in-between the silicone layers.

After twisting the strips I popped them in the oven for 25 minutes at a time. I had to bake them in two batches. The recipe says to leave them in the over to dry out and cool completely for 2-3 hours or overnight. I left them overnight and in the morning they were ready for the finishing touches.

I took my slices of mozzarella cheese and using a small knife I thinly sliced each cheese slice leaving a 1cm border to create a fringe look. I rolled a slice of cheese around the base of a grissini and used some cooking twine to secure the cheese in place. You could use a chive for this but would need to soften with boiling water first. Repeat with your remaining cheese and grissini and your broomsticks are ready :)

Want the new Festive Flavours cookbook and recipe chip? Contact your consultant or order online here.

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