Becoming a Thermomix consultant

In my previous blog I wrote about how my Thermomix changed my life. I was unhappy with my full-time job when I went to my first demo and when I heard my consultant talking about how you become a consultant I felt like it was a light bulb moment. A sign from the universe.

A year has passed since I made the decision to become a Thermomix consultant and I am happy to say that I am still in that full-time job. Working as a consultant and sharing my passion for this amazing appliance has helped balance out the negativity in my day job. It has also inspired me to become a Health and Nutrition coach. So while I am studying I am more than happy to keep my full-time job and share the Thermomix love in my spare time.

The first step in becoming a consultant is filling out an expression of interest form which you can get from your consultant. Your consultant sends this form to head office who allocates it to the Group Leader closest to you. That’s right, you join the team in the area that you live in!

The Group Leader will give you a call and arrange a time to meet to answer all your questions before going through all the paperwork. This includes the business kit which you can get for free if you sign up before 31 October 2015. Click to view the info flyer for more details about the free business kit.

I remember leaving that meeting so excited about this new opportunity and holding my first official Thermomix folder in my hands that I couldn’t help but take a photo which I shared again on social media for #flashbackfriday :)

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