Happy Birthday ThermoCat

It was ThermoCat’s birthday last week and I forgot to share this you.

Kimba was bought from a local vet for $5 many years ago but we lost her paperwork and now we don’t know when her birthday is so we decided 1 October would be an easy date to remember.

It isn’t! And last week it wasn’t until after posting on her twitter account that I saw her profile with the little blurb saying every 1 October she turns 6. It was 1 October! We had almost forgotten her birthday yet again!

So I quickly opened her favourite box of Whiskas Oh So Fishy and put on her party hat to celebrate :)

You can follow ThermoCat on social media. Just click on the following links:

Instagram – @kimba_thermocat

Facebook – Kimba aka ThermoCat

Twitter – @kimba_thermocat

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