Converting recipes

TMX TIPS_Convertin recipes

On the weekend I officially uploaded my first recipe onto the Recipe Community. It wasn’t my own recipe. It was a recipe I converted for my Thermomix. You can view the recipe here.

While my recipe was relatively simple to convert I still had to think about the process. Here’s a quick guide to converting your own recipes for your Thermomix.

  • Find a Thermomix recipe similar to the one you want to convert
  • Adjust the cooking times for your quantities of ingredients
  • Start with steps for dry ingredients to limit washing the bowl
  • Start with steps for ‘cold’ ingredients before cooking sauces or soups
  • Remember some ‘traditional’ steps can be done in a single TMX step
  • Write notes as you cook your recipe in your TMX and tweak as needed

Refer to your Basic Cookbook for more tips on converting recipes.

Have you converted any of your favourite recipes for your Thermomix? What was the recipe? Have you uploaded it onto the Recipe Community to share it with everyone?

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