Slow-cooked Mexican Beef

IMG_4919The Slow-Cooked Mexican Beef recipe from the Cooking for Me and You cookbook makes more than enough for a family dinner or to have plenty of leftovers for lunch.

The first step is making the Mexican spice mix and it makes a large quantity so you can use it in other meals or skip making the spice mix the next time you make this recipe again.

The slow-cooked beef is simple to throw together and then left to cook for 60 minutes. Peanut butter is added after this stage and really adds to the flavour.


The final step is making the green chilli salsa. The list of ingredients is long and there’s quite a few steps involved but it is so worth it! The green chilli salsa really completes this dish.

This meal is served with tortillas which you can make from scratch beforehand. Click the link here to search the tortilla recipes on the Recipe Community. You can also make guacamole from the Basic Cookbook to serve with this meal :)

Contact your consultant to purchase the Cooking for Me and You cookbook or buy online here.

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