Chorizo and chicken pasta


 I haven’t eaten pasta for awhile but I couldn’t resist making this recipe for Chorizo and Chicken Pasta from the new Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families TM5 cookbook and recipe chip.

The chorizo is cooked in oil for 6 minutes on the reverse wooden spoon. I honestly would’ve been happy just eating this! It was perfectly cooked and I will definitely make it again when I’m doing an antipasto spread :)

The next step is adding all the veggies which get chopped into perfectly hidden veg for the kiddies!

The chicken cooks on top in the Varoma and then you add the pasta shells for the last ten minutes. This is a great all in one meal that serves 6 (or three very hungry adults!)

Contact your consultant to get your copy of the new cookbook and recipe chip or buy the combo here.

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