Greek yoghurt

IMG_5175I’m not the biggest yoghurt eater but I was enjoying Chobani Greek yoghurt mixed with a scoop of protein powder for breakfast once a week. Last month I was hit by a virus that took me weeks to recover. Part of my naturopath treatment plan was a liver detox and since completing that I decided to take a break from protein powders.

So how was I going to enjoy me Greek yoghurt now? I wasn’t a fan of the fruit flavours because I am really fussy about fruit ‘bits’. So I decided to make Bircher muesli from the Basic Cookbook and as I was flicking through the cookbook I saw the recipe for plain yoghurt which made me think now is the time to finally make Greek yoghurt :)

I searched the Recipe Community and found this recipe for thick and creamy Greek style yoghurt. I don’t have any cheesecloth for the traditional method of straining yoghurt so I felt like this recipe was perfect and gave it a go.

This method for strained yoghurt is like many types of yoghurt and is made from milk that has been enriched by boiling off some of its water content and adding powdered milk. The next step involved cooling the mix to 37 degrees and stated it was vital to the success of the yoghurt. The recipe said it may take 40-60 minutes but for me it took 90 minutes. This is only a problem if you need your TM bowl because you are cooling the mix while it is still in the bowl.

The end result was definitely thick and creamy and I have been enjoying it with my Bircher muesli. I’d love to know how you go with this recipe or if you have your tried and tested go-to recipe for Greek yoghurt please comment below xx

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